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Maserati Goes On Grand Tour to Celebrate Double Anniversary

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2019 Maserati Models Pose in Shanghai
Photo: Maserati

Maserati is celebrating the 105th anniversary of the brand as well as the 15th anniversary of its entry in China with a 10,000-kilometer grand tour across the country.

The Italian automaker says the grand tour will not just be an anniversary celebration but also a “tribute to the long-standing Chinese civilization.”

The event kicked off with a photoshoot of Maserati’s latest models arranged to form the number “15” by the Huangpu River. Above this, the company’s trident logo was projected onto the Shanghai International Port Group building.

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Maserati Trident on Shanghai International Port Group Building
Photo: Maserati

Maserati’s grand tour will consist of four routes across China that will roughly make an “M” shape, covering 10,000 km (or about 6,214 miles) from east to west. The automaker mentions “participants” but it’s not clear who is actually getting to go on the road trip.

Whomever they may be, they’ll be in for a treat. The first route will start at the picturesque Yangtze River Delta, wind through the Wuyanling National Nature Reserve, and up to the mountain peaks in Zhailiaoxi.

The second route will make key stops at historic locations relevant to China’s 5,000-year civilization, while the third route will start along the famous Silk Road that once connected Europe and Asia. Finally, the fourth route will explore the Buddhist culture from Dunhuang to Chengdu.

Since the mid-2016 launch of the Levante, the brand’s first SUV, China has become Maserati’s largest market worldwide, overtaking the United States in just one year. It’s probably no surprise, then, that Maserati is now so keen to celebrate Chinese civilization at the first opportunity.

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