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Maserati Hints At New Sports Car That Will Be ‘A Work of Art’

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Maserati May 2020 Teaser
Photo: Maserati

If you head to the official Maserati website, you may encounter an unusual page instead of the usual galleries, menus, and vehicle spotlights. A mostly blank page, boasting only the words “Modena May 2020,” the Maserati trident, and the letters MMXX — the Roman numeral for 2020.

You might also notice the small headphone icon near the bottom, which, when clicked, lets loose the delicious sound of an engine going through its gears.

This is a teaser Maserati also sent out via emails and social media, referring to an all-new sports car, and the message is undoubtedly clear: In May of next year, the Italian brand will have something big to reveal. Perhaps, finally, the Alfieri.

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In the past, we wrote about how the Alfieri had been killed in development after years of delay, which was a shame given how exciting the concept had been. Then Maserati’s head of communication confirmed an all-new sports car would be coming anyway, though whether it’ll be named the Alfieri, or even based on the concept, is up in the air.

Perhaps the Alfieri simply wasn’t good enough for Maserati. Whatever the company is planning to reveal in May 2020, it will be the halo car that represents the brand for years to come, and it wants it to be truly special.

In a video spotlight taking place at Maserati’s new Modena plant, engineer Federico Landini says the upcoming vehicle will be “a work of art.” And in the video description, the automaker says it “started the countdown to a new era” on November 11. Consider us very intrigued.

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