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Maserati Teases Upcoming Grecale SUV with Blurry Pics

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Maserati Grecale SUV prototype teaser (front 2)
Photo: Maserati

Maserati teased a few blurry photographs of its upcoming new SUV, dubbed the Grecale. Taken at the Maserati plant on Viale Ciro Menotti in Modena, Italy, the pictures were shared by Maserati employees on social media sites.

Just as it did with last year’s MC20 teasers, Maserati chose to blur the images substantially, making it difficult to discern too many details. Nonetheless, they reveal interesting characteristics about the luxury automaker’s next SUV, which — like many Maserati vehicles — is named after a Mediterranean wind.

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Maserati Grecale SUV prototype teaser (rear)
Photo: Maserati

Overall, the Grecale’s proportions look in line with that of the larger Levante, which has a similarly long hood and C-pillars. The headlights, on the other hand, are round, unlike the angular LEDs found on the Levante.

At the rear, boomerang-shaped taillights more or less match the design philosophy of the 2021 Maserati lineup, particularly when set next to those of the Ghibli sedan. Also notable is the low-mounted grille, which seems more on par with the aforementioned MC20 sports car.

The keen-eyed may spot a set of quad-tailpipes sticking out of the rear, suggesting that the Grecale is the very least partially powered by old-fashioned fossil fuels.

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Maserati Grecale SUV prototype teaser (front 1)
Photo: Maserati

Then again, we already knew that would be the case, as Maserati has said the upcoming SUV will include a hybrid version. But it’s possible it will also get the all-electric treatment as well, something Maserati is planning for its entire lineup. It may also go in the opposite direction, or both, by adding the Grecale to the Trofeo Collection, which was recently expanded to include both the Ghibli and the Quattroporte.

The Grecale will be revealed in full before the end of 2021. For the time being, it is undergoing a battery of tests on and off the road, as well as on the track, as Maserati fine-tunes the SUV’s final driving setup.