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Matthew McConaughey Joins Lincoln Virtual Wellness Panel

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Matthew McConaughey Joins Lincoln Virtual Wellness Panel
McConaughey talked keeping calm on a Lincoln virtual wellness panel
Photo: Lincoln

Feeling down a bit these days, what with … well, the state of everything? Why not turn to Academy Award-winner and unofficial guru Matthew McConaughey for help? McConaughey took part in a virtual wellness panel discussion earlier this month, where he was joined by neuroscientist and meditation teacher Nkechi Deanna Njaka, Lincoln Motor Company Director for North America Michael Sprague, and … ughhh … one of the goop people.

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McConaughey, the longtime brand ambassador for Lincoln, was one of four panelists who took part in the 40-minute-plus conversation about achieving a calmer state of being. The discussion took place on Aug. 12 to coincide with the announcement that Lincoln customers in North America will receive a one-year premium membership to Calm through the Lincoln Way app.

Four panelists, one gooper

Joining McConaughey, Njaka, and Sprague was Tamara Levitt, Calm’s Head of Mindfulness (official title). Levitt leads off the conversation with a guided meditation, so if you’re feeling particularly stressed today about, oh, any of the millions of things you could be stressed about in 2020, you may find this video especially helpful. The whole thing takes about five minutes, so strap in.

The panel discussion on wellness was inexplicably moderated by Elise Lochnen, the chief content officer for goop. The less said about goop the better, but to get it out of the way: goop is the predatory scam brand founded by Gwyneth Paltrow that sells obscenely overpriced garbage based on dubious-at-best wellness benefits. It’s also the subject of its own dumb Netflix docuseries, which was beautifully eviscerated by Ani Bundel in NBC Think.

Fortunately, because Lochnen was there to moderate, she didn’t devote any time to shilling actual goop products like $500 firewood totes or a $75 candle that smells like someone’s nether regions. That mercifully left most of the talking to panelists who aren’t hucksters for some weird cult.  

How Matthew McConaughey stays calm in the time of COVID-19

Trick-Shot Nautilus Campaign
McConaughey didn’t mention shooting pool as a ritual for keeping calm
Photo:: Lincoln

Asked by moderator gooperton what his reliable wellness tools are, McConaughey suggests the daily commute, among the “rituals that are resets or demarcations between all of our different events through our day.”

Though he’s not making daily drives to the set or whathaveyou, he says, “I still do take those drives to nowhere in particular. I’ll go get in the Navigator and I’ll have my relationship with music.” Gotta assume McConaughey used some of his Surfer, Dude money to get the Navigator Black Label, so you know he’s really enjoying his music (let’s say it’s Swordfishtrombones on repeat) thanks to 20 Revel Ultima speakers.

He also notes that he’s exercising daily and making meals together with his family, which sounds like gossip rag fodder if ever there was such a thing.

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You can dive into the whole conversation below. Come for the meditation, stay for Matthew McConaughey looking really comfy in a kaftan, get tf out before Elise Lochnen tries to sell you anything made of jade.