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Mazda Distributes Its Newest Creation: The EX-7 Egg Boiler

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In the past, Mazda’s KODO: Soul of Motion design language has produced some wonderful things: The MX-5, a couch, a bicycle, and all the rest of Mazda’s lineup.

Now, we can add one more item to that growing (and good-looking) list: an egg-boiler. Distributed to only a few parties in a black box, the EX-7 is engraved with the shape of the famous triangular rotor component of Mazda’s rotary engines (including a tiny triangular rotor on the top), and is crafted entirely out of aluminum alloy.

EX-7 in box

Photo: Car Watch Japan (Japanese-language)

However, it isn’t just there to look pretty—the EX-7 is made to efficiently boil eggs, first by using less materials than other eggs boilers, and then by only using a bare 2 centimeters of water to boil the eggs, so long as they are placed vertically next to one another. And don’t be fooled by the decorative-looking center hole; the name EX-7 came from the device’s ability to boil seven eggs at one time.

It even includes a little pin in the very top to poke a hole in the shell to help you peel the egg.

The EX-7 was designed by Design Division Head Ikuo Maeda and his team, with the blueprint printed on the inside of the lid of the package.

Photo Gallery: Boiling Eggs the Mazda Way

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