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Mazda Introduces Recall Information Center, So Please Get Your Car Fixed Already

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Mazda Fire

Lately, it feels like we live in the era of the recall—we of course have the big four of the GM ignition switch recall, the Toyota accelerator recall, the Takata airbag recall, and the VW emissions-cheating recall, but automotive news in general is peppered with small recalls over things like faulty windshield wipers and leaking seals. Despite this increased coverage and awareness of automotive recalls, often numbers of vehicle owners who go back and have the faulty part repaired are low.

So, in an effort to bring drivers with recalled vehicles back in to the dealership for repairs, Mazda North American Operations has launched the Mazda Recall Information Center at

Clicking on that link takes you to a dedicated website, where right off the bat the website helps you find the closest Mazda dealership to your location (or lets you search for one based on zip code, if you are shamefully looking the information up at work.).

On the homepage, you find a search function where you enter your car’s VIN to see if any active recalls affect it, and then below that the site lists information on the recalls currently in progress with a description of the problem and a number of frequently asked questions. In addition, the site offers access to online repair appointment scheduling with Mazda’s Service Schedule as well as a dedicated landing page for each dealer.

Of course, Mazda isn’t only encouraging people to get their recalled vehicles fixed—it is also preparing for more customers. Mazda’s Senior VP of U.S. Operations Robert Davis said, “In addition to the new Recall Information Center, Mazda is aggressively working to train additional service technicians. We have created online classes and virtual classrooms to further train our outstanding technicians to help speed the repair time and enhance the customer’s experience when they bring in their vehicle.”