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Mazda Lengthens Cleaning and Maintenance Program for Healthcare Workers

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Mazda Essential Car Care
Photo: Mazda

During the pandemic, hardworking healthcare heroes need all of the support they can get. Back in April, Mazda gave a helping hand to healthcare workers by offering the Essential Car Care initiative, which provides free cleaning and oil changes, regardless of whether or not the vehicle being serviced is a Mazda model. Now, the automaker is extending that offer until June 1.

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Working to keep heroes safe and healthy

Mazda Essential Car Care
Photo: Mazda

The Essential Car Care program began on April 16, with the automaker pledging to donate at least $5 million to the cause. Qualifying recipients will receive a free oil change and enhanced EPA-approved car cleaning services to scrub away harmful germs. These services will be provided at Mazda dealerships across the country.

“Our family of Mazda dealers and employees feel a deep sense of gratitude to the health care workers during these difficult times, and we are proud to be able to support them in communities across the country,” remarked Mazda North America Operations President Jeff Guyton. He further stated that he’s proud of the program’s nationwide positive impact.

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Participant eligibility

Mazda Dealership SignMazda Dealership Sign
Photo: Mazda

As previously stated, you don’t need to drive a Mazda to receive the automaker’s Essential Car Care services. However, the offer doesn’t apply to off-roaders, exotic cars, classic cars, or models with an eight-quart engine oil capacity or greater.

To prove your eligibility as a healthcare worker, just show your pay stub or ID badge. To qualify, you must work in a medical facility. These include hospitals, maternity centers, addiction treatment centers, assisted-living facilities, public healthcare agencies, medical laboratories, imaging centers, and home healthcare agencies, among many others. Telehealth providers are also eligible for Mazda’s free services.

Eligibility is non-transferrable. The Essential Car Care service is restricted to only one vehicle per qualifying healthcare worker. To learn more about the program, check out this PDF with all of the fine print.