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Mazda May Skip Paris, But Will Reveal More Rotary Information in Geneva

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History of the Mazda Logo

The Paris Motor Show (or French Motor Show, or Mondial de L’Automobile, depending on your mood or ability to speak French), is coming up in October this year, and so is getting all the proper invites and such sorted out. However, there is one particular RSVP which has not yet come in—Mazda has yet to decide, and it seems like it may not attend at all like Ford and Volvo, who both decided against participating in the bi-annual event.

Mazda Europe’s CEO Jeff Guyton explained the center of the discussion is on whether it is worth it for Mazda, which has had difficulty making an impact next to France’s domestic car manufacturers, to attend.

In addition, Mazda doesn’t seem to have anything new to show off in Paris. Instead, Mazda will be airing its reveals much sooner at the International Geneva Motor Show in March. There, the company plans to debut the Mazda3 equipped with the brand’s new 1.5-liter diesel engine (first shown in the Mazda2 supermini and CX-3), as well as giving the RX-VISION concept its first European appearance. This will be coupled to even more details on the brand’s much-hyped new rotary engine, the SKYACTIV-R.

News Source: CarScoops