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Mazda North America Reports Best January Since 1994

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When writing about vehicle sales, most of the time from month to month it is a repetitive job, particularly lately. In general sales have been slowing, with dropping sedan sales being matching by soaring SUV sales, and that trend usually holds true.

However, for Mazda this January, it definitely is not going to be a usual sales article.

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Instead, Mazda North American Operations has reported January sales numbers of a total of 24,962 vehicles, which is not only an increase of fully 15% over last January, but the best January that the brand has had since 1994, with crossovers driving the best sales in 24 years.

Starting with the crossovers, the best-seller CX-5 tallied its 10th consecutive record sales month with 13,463 sales, a 66.9% jump over last January (and keeping the title of best seller by a huge margin, as it more than doubles the sales of the next-best-selling Mazda3). The next crossover in sales is the brand’s largest vehicle, the CX-9, which boosted its own sales by 46.8% to 2,336 units over last year’s 1,591 units, followed by the smallest crossover, the CX-3, which also saw a (somewhat more modest, but still impressive) boost of 14%, from 1,184 sales last year to 1,350 sales this year. As usual, Mazda’s i-ACTIV AWD was equipped on most of these, for 56% of all CX-line buyers.

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As for Mazda’s passenger vehicles, the Mazda3 saw a drop in sales from 6,623 last January to 5,825 this January – a drop of 12%. Things were more dire for the Mazda6, which sold 3,300 models last January, but only 1,552 this year for a drop of 53%. This passenger vehicle slump even affected the Miata after several months of increased sales, as the MX-5 only sold 436 models in January, a 53.1% decrease from last year’s 929 sales. Luckily, these losses were more than offset by the crossover sales increases.

Mazda’s Certified Pre-Owned sales also jumped, up to 3,561 sales, a 12% increase over last year, and Mazda Motor de Mexico say a slight dip in sales, with 4,720 sold, a 0.8% decrease from last January.