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Mazda Opens CX-3 Production at Hofu Plant to Meet Rising Demand

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Mazda CX-3 in Dynamic Blue

Boy howdy do car buyers love SUVs lately. Bolstered by conditions like low gas prices and the increasing fuel economy of crossovers, many automakers have been kicking up their production of SUVs to meet demand, and Mazda is no exception.

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The Zoom Zoom brand recently announced that it was beginning production of the 2017 CX-3, the brand’s smallest SUV offering, at the company’s Hofu Plant No. 1 in Yamaguchi, Japan, in order to bolster the automaker’s supply of the compact SUV, since global demand for crossovers continues to grow. This makes the Hofu Plant the third facility to produce the CX-3 after the Ujina Plant in Hiroshima, which was the first to build the new CX-3 in 2014, and the AutoAlliance Co., Ltd. Facilities in Thailand, which started building the CX-3 last October.

This is part of a production strategy that Mazda is putting into effect where the brand is capable of producing up to 50% crossover vehicles to meet the brand’s global sales goal of 1.65 million units between March 2017 and March 2019.

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“We’re aiming for a production system that gives us more flexibility in terms of plants and models, so we can get our cars to customers around the world as quickly as possible,” said Masatoshi Maruyama, Managing Executive Officer in charge of global production. “Achieving this will help create a stronger foundation for our business.”