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Mazda Releases Teaser Video of Probable New Mazda3

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Welp, it’s time to get back out my floppy striped cap, vest with two dozen shiny brass buttons, pocket watch, and waxed handlebar mustache, because Mazda has officially fired up the Hype Train. Specifically, Mazda released a 16-second video that has tantalizing implications for the auto shows next month.

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So, first things first, here is the video.

Now let’s break that down. First up is the rear quarter panel of a Soul Red hatchback-looking vehicle.

Mazda teaser video still 1

I have to say, this looks an awful lot like the back corner of the Mazda Kai Concept, down to the glimpse of the cowl-like spoiler.

This guy

A lot of media outlets are taking this to be a teaser of the next-generation Mazda3 hatchback, and that seems a pretty fair assumption. It at least is definitely not a shot of the concept, which features flush door handles.

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Next up is a longer pan down the length of a machine gray vehicle, which doesn’t really let us get a look at the roof.

Mazda teaser video 2

Mazda teaser video 3

If we take the first shot to be of the next-generation Mazda3 hatchback, then it is entirely possible that this is a shot down the side of the next-gen Mazda3 sedan. The body line deviates from the Kai Concept, though, looking closer to the more defined lines of the Vision Coupe.

Mazda VISION COUPE concept

This lovely thing

If it does turn out to be the new Mazda3 in both its forms, then it is entirely possible that it will come with the new SKYACTIV-X semi-compression-ignition engine, and almost certain that it will use the next-generation vehicle architecture. This is especially true due to that last line from the video.

Mazda teaser video 4

Mazda teaser video 5

So, we are confidently (though slightly cautiously) hopeful that Mazda will unveil a new generation next month, both for the Mazda3 and for the Mazda lineup as a whole. Who knows, though? Mazda might surprise us by revealing its upcoming plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle.