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Mazda Technicians Compete in Master Technician Competition

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Mazda is bringing its National Master Technician Competition back to North America, the first time Mazda North America has hosted the competition in eight years. Competitors are a mixture of Mazda Master Technicians and Mazda Elite Master Technicians, which each have a chance to win and be sent to Mazda’s Japanese headquarters in Hiroshima to compete in the Global Technician Competition.

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North America currently has five competitors: Jason Keeney of North Carolina, Daniel Gleason of Illinois, Eric Boughton of Colorado, James Lorsong of Maryland, and Michael Schurosky of Washington. These five will compete at Mazda’s US headquarters in Irvine, California.

“Our goal is to delight our customers. One way we are doing so is by providing top quality technicians at Mazda dealerships,” said Satoshi Takahashi, director of technical services. “Part of our training is to promote excellence and the Mazda Master Technician Competition helps recognize top performers and establishing best practices.”

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The competition itself is fairly straightforward: the technicians are presented with identically-equipped Mazda vehicles and are asked to solve the same customer concern. Whoever fixes the problem in the fastest, most thorough way, is the winner.

The winner of the Irvine competition will go on to represent the United States at Mazda HQ in early 2017. Winning that competition is the highest possible recognition a technician can receive from Mazda.