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Mazda, WyoTech Partnership to Train Technicians

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Just like every person needs a doctor, every car needs a mechanic. So, Mazda has decided to get involved with mechanics past providing cars for them to work on, through a three-year partnership with WyoTech technical training institutes to allow students to graduate as Mazda-certified technicians.

The agreement will also allow Mazda to use WyoTech’s facilities in Blairsville, Pennsylvania and Laramie, Wyoming to train its dealership personnel in advanced courses. These training courses already began last month.

The certification course consists mostly of web-based modules, supplemented by instructor-led classes. To support these classes, Mazda has donated over 20 vehicles, as well as specialized tools and equipment. These vehicles will be periodically replaced with more current models to keep up with current technology.

Once the Mazda-certified technicians graduate, they will have access to job opportunities in one of Mazda’s 640 dealerships across the country, and these dealerships will certainly be happy to see them—Mazda estimates that dealers could save roughly $6,000 hiring one of these pre-certified graduates rather than hiring and training a non-certified technician.

Further certification as a Master Technician will be available in WyoTech facilities to existing dealership personnel as well as WyoTech Mazda program students.