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Microsoft and Renault-Nissan Working on Smarter Cars

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There’s no question that cars are becoming more technologically advanced at an alarming rate. We were just getting over our disappointment in a lack of flying cars at the dawn of the millennium, and then self-driving cars stepped in to fill our dreams of the future’s roadways.

Besides cars that drive themselves, smartphones have made it easier than ever to connect every part of our modern lives to our phone, and in many cases that includes your vehicle. While the Renault-Nissan Alliance seems to have autonomous driving almost in the bag, the automakers are turning to Microsoft to help build a connected car right.

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Microsoft and the Renault-Nissan Alliance are aiming to develop connected services for new vehicles that would not only connect smartphones to the cars, but also access the cloud to provide advanced navigation, advanced maintenance alerts, and vehicle monitoring. That means that instead of a driver knowing that their car needs to visit the shop because of strange noises or, God forbid, a breakdown, the car will be able to communicate to a driver its need to visit a dealership.

Besides features that focus on the operation of the vehicle, new applications and services will continue to be developed to help drivers stay connected to their home and work while in the car, as well as provide entertainment options both in the car and nearby.

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The program that Microsoft will start with is called Microsoft Azure, and it is a secure option that can reach cars around the world, which is perfect for the global nature of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. There is no word yet as to when customers can expect to see the technology in their vehicles, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.