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MINI Sales Make a Rebound in March, While BMW Makes Modest Gains

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Despite increases in MINI sales during March, the brand still suffers from previous sales disappointments this year

2016 MINI Convertible

MINI made a return to form in March

During February, MINI experienced some pretty negative sales decreases, with an overall 24.1% sales decline for that month. However, it would appear that MINI is making a triumphant return to form, as the brand experienced a 4.7% increase in sales during March.

Last month, MINI sold 4,987 units, as compared to the 4,762 units it sold in March of 2016. As such, MINI saw a 4.7% increase in its sales figures for March.

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BMW also experienced a pretty productive month in March. 31,015 BMW vehicles were sold last month, resulting in a 3.3% increase in sales for BMW.

Passenger car sales for BMW suffered a bit, with a 9.3% decrease. However, the sale of BMW light trucks more than made up for that, with a 30.8% increase when compared to a year ago.

The BMW X3 continued to be a success for the brand

Perhaps the most successful vehicle for BMW during March was the BMW X3. 6,395 X3 vehicles were sold last month, resulting in a 42.9% sales increase for the model.

When the metrics from MINI and BMW are combined, 36,002 vehicles were sold last month. This is a 3.5% increase in sales compared to March of 2016.

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Despite MINI’s success, sales decreases from previous months have still negatively impacted its year-to-date sales. Overall, MINI experienced a 5.4% decrease in sales during the first quarter of 2017.

BMW is still doing a bit better, with 71,682 units sold so far this year, accounting for a 1.5% increase in quarterly sales. BMW’s data matches up with current automotive trends, as the company’s fleet of light trucks and SUVs has exerienced a hefty 20.1% increase in sales during the year’s first quarter.

For a more in-depth look at BMW’s March sales metrics, you can examine the chart below:

BMW March 2017 Sales