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The Mitsubishi Koruto is a Modern-Day 1990s Mitsubishi Colt

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If you were a fan of the 1990s Mitsubishi Colt, you weren’t the only one. Odds are, however, that your fandom may not quite reach the level of passion that Gabor Farkas harbors for the supermini and for the Mitsubishi brand in general. For the past few years, he has been sending his conceptual projects for a modern-day replacement to the Colt, which—unfortunately—the Japanese automaker has yet to deliver.

In January 2011, Farkas unveiled his Mitsubishi CS, and just a few months ago he shared his vision for a new Mitsubishi CS-21. Now he’s sent in his newest project—the Mitsubishi Koruto, which he says means Colt in Japanese. It uses many parts of the original Colt, adopting its steering wheel, interior door handles, and seat consoles, but showing off improved external chromium moldings and upholstery that reflect a higher level of quality.

Farkas also designed it to be as production-ready as possible, and we almost wish he hadn’t, because it’s a reminder that the Mitsubishi Koruto will more than likely never be produced.

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