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Mitsubishi Looks To Surprise Test Drivers in New Ads

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Earlier this year, Mitsubishi surprised test drivers of its new Eclipse Cross with Harry Mack and the Freestyle Test Drive ads. From that ad campaign’s success, Mitsubishi seems to have caught on the idea that people want to be a little surprised (in a good way) when they test drive their cars, so they tripled down on the idea. The new ad campaign, which currently stands at two videos, sports the title “Punking the Test Drive,” turning standard test drives into surprising experiences.

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The first video stars Jon Bailey, who you may not recognize by name or by look, but certainly would recognize by sound. This is because Bailey’s voice is the iconic movie trailer narrator voice, used in commercials, cartoons, movies, and his YouTube channel, EpicVoiceGuy. He uses it to narrate the features of the Eclipse Cross.

The second video takes place in the larger Outlander, and stars 11-year-old Alaya High, also known as “That Girl Lay Lay,” the youngest female rap artist ever to sign a recording deal. High follows Harry Mack’s example with her own freestyle description of the three-row crossover.

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Bailey and High both seem as happy with the commercials as the test drivers. In a press release, Bailey commented, “I’ve narrated a lot of content in my career, but narrating a test drive was definitely a first.” High said, “I’ve always dreamed that I would get to share what I love to do with the world.” The ads will begin appearing on platforms from national television to digital ads, as well as on Mitsubishi’s social media.

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