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Mitsubishi Makes Outlander PHEV V2H-Compatible

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Outlander PHEV V2H

Mitsubishi has made the Outlander PHEV V2H-ready

New Year’s Day is right around the corner, so now is about the time for compiling the ol’ list of resolutions. Somewhere very close to the top of Mitsubishi’s list has to be an entry written in big, bold marker letters: launch the Outlander PHEV in America.

Mitsubishi is standing by its claims that the Outlander PHEV will arrive sometime within the next 368 days, and there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the prospect of it finally coming to market in the US.

If you need yet another reason to keep the Outlander PHEV on your radar for 2015, there’s this: when using a vehicle-to-home system—including the SMART V2H from Mitsubishi, EVPoer Station from Nichicon, or Tsubaki eLINK from Tubakimoto—you can use the Outlander PHEV to power your home.

Mitsubishi notes that, to this point, only all-electric vehicles have been given the go-ahead for V2H systems. The Outlander PHEV, it says, qualifies for V2H because it does not require the engine to run while plugged into the system.

As such, it can act as a generator in the event of an emergency, capable of providing electricity necessary to use appliances or provide light in a home. Fully charged, an Outlander PHEV holds up to 10 days of power.

Here’s hoping that we’ll be writing about a successful launch for the Outlander PHEV a year from now. If Mitsubishi is truly serious about staying in the US for years to come, this miraculous vehicle may well be the ticket.