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Monday is Awful, So Here is the Dogecar

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As if Monday wasn't already terrible enough, there's plenty of other bad stuff going on today. At least there's a Dogecar.


Inherently, Monday is a pretty awful day. Your weekend is kaput, and you must now wade through The Bog of Eternal Stench (otherwise known as a full, holiday-less work week) in order to get to the glorious light of another Saturday. This Monday is also particularly crummy because there are a lot of bad things going on in the world (but then again, it seems as if there are always terrible things happening in the world around us).

Let’s see what’s trending on Monday:

–          Sarah Palin is up to her old “saying relentlessly stupid things in public” routine

–          A racist soccer fan threw a banana at Dani Alves (Alves responded awesomely by eating it before completing his corner kick)

–          People are suing Valerie Harper for having the gall to have brain cancer

–          Dr. Jack Ramsay passed away at the age of 89

–          LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling is still a horrible human being

–          Notorious sayer-of-stupid-things Donald Trump reared his head once more

Certainly, there’s a lot out there to dishearten you. Therefore, I think it is only fair to attempt to the best of my abilities to brighten up your day just a little bit. And thusly, I would like to share this with you: your first look at Dogecar.

A tweet from Phil Parsons Racing on Sunday unveiled the Dogecar in all of its natural glory. While we can only hope that there will be more images of the Dogecar on the way, we know for certain that we will see Josh Wise’s No. 98 Ford Fusion on the track on May 4th at the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega.

Images: Dogecar

You may now return to your regularly scheduled Monday. Only a few more hours to go!