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Corvette Museum Releases Educational Videos During Pandemic

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2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. Educational videos during pandemic
2020 Chevrolet Corvette
Photo: General Motors

The National Corvette Museum had to close its doors in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. However, to entertain Chevrolet enthusiasts who are stuck at home, the museum is releasing fun and educational videos throughout the pandemic.

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Details on the new video series

The National Corvette Museum’s new video series, which is aptly named Vetteacademy, is free to watch on the museum’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. Thus far, the free episodes have covered intriguing topics, including changing a tire, Corvette generations, and the history of the Corvette.

Through the videos, the National Corvette Museum is providing information about Corvette in a simplified manner that’s relatively easy to understand. As such, the videos are mainly aimed at children, but they are still interesting for people of all ages to watch.

Dr. Sean Preston, President and CEO of the Corvette Museum, said, “As a nonprofit foundation, our mission is to educate the public. We developed these videos to not only provide educational content, but also be entertaining and engaging.”

You can check out the first episode of the Vetteacademy series below:

If you already have a good understanding of the topics covered in the Vetteacademy videos, you can check out the National Corvette Museum’s other series, Fully Vetted. The museum was originally going to release Fully Vetted as a paid series, but it decided instead to make the educational videos free to help Chevrolet fans fight boredom during the pandemic.

This series will provide a deep dive into the history of the Corvette. Museum Historical Media Coordinator Bob Bubnis and Museum Director of Collections and Curator Derek E. Moore will be sharing information on the sports coupe in the series.

“Derek and Bob will share in-depth stories, the lore behind the brand, and a behind-the-scenes view of America’s Sports Car,” added Preston.

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The National Corvette Museum has not announced when it will reopen. You can help support the museum during this time by giving a tax-deductible donation.