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Car Pillows to Help You Observe National Napping Day

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If you find yourself struggling to stay awake today, you’re not alone. Join the American phenomenon of post-Daylight Savings fatigue. Not only does this seasonal event trigger moderate drowsiness, it can also trigger the symptoms of cluster headaches and heart attacks. Auto accidents are also more prevalent on this date.

However, there’s a bit of good news—the Monday after Daylight Savings Time (DST) is also known as National Napping Day!

While many of us can appreciate the rejuvenation we feel after taking a nap, many of us spend many hours outside of our homes, whether at work or school. Cars can be a great spot to snatch a nap, if you’re constantly on the go.

Make your next car nap even cozier by trying one of the following travel pillow designs specifically made for using in your vehicle.

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MonPère travel pillow
Photo: Insider

MonPère Travel Pillow

Shaped like two hands, this whimsical pillow is a recent Kickstarter-funded project that promises to offer comfortable, customizable support for your vehicular siesta. This is the perfect pillow if you demand something a little more unique than your average rectangular travel pillow.


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HOMCA travel pillow
Photo: Kodar

HOMCA Travel Pillow

This easily-inflatable pillow has multiple openings to enable you to nap in a variety of comfortable positions while you’re in the car. It makes the perfect pillow if you’re a passenger on a long road trip. Then you can simply deflate it once you get to your destination and stow it in your luggage.

Grand Trunk hooded travel pillow
Photo: The Grommet


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Grand Trunk Travel Pillow

If you desire a bit more privacy when you snooze, then this hooded pillow was designed especially for you. It was created by outdoorsmen Kevin kaiser and Jon Neff as a solution to remedy the tendency for travelers to crumple up their jackets into makeshift pillows while catching some shut-eye during their travels. Simply pull the hood over your head and adjust the strings till it fits snugly, to enjoy this neck-supporting, light-blocking product.



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