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New GMC Ad Campaign Features the MultiPro Tailgate

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One tailgate to rule them all

Super Bowl LIII takes place this Sunday, and in addition to a heated match between the Patriots and the Rams, a series of elaborate commercials will compete against one another. Still, it would seem that GMC is ahead of the pack, as the automotive brand is launching a new ad campaign prior to the big game.

The “Step Up Like A Pro” campaign focuses on the GMC Sierra’s new MultiPro tailgate.

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The 2019 GMC Sierra has been redesigned with a number of new features. However, the MultiPro tailgate is arguably the most notable.

This tailgate offers six separate functions to users, which assist with loading up cargo and ease of access to the Sierra’s bed. These six tailgate configurations include:

  1. Primary gate
  2. Primary gate load stop
  3. Easy access
  4. Full-width step
  5. Inner gate load stop
  6. Inner gate with work surface

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The MultiPro tailgate is so versatile and impressive that GMC made it the focal point of its latest television spot, entitle “Anthem.” In it, truck owners remove the tailgates from a variety of rival pickups, such as the Ford F-150 and the Ram 1500.

While belting out the iconic chorus from Steam’s hit single “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye,” the truck owners, all carrying their detached tailgates, congregate near a distant hill. There, a GMC Sierra owner proudly showcases the capabilities of the MultiPro tailgate.

You can watch the “Anthem” ad below:

GMC actually aired the ad during both Wild Card NFL games earlier this month. It remains to be seen if GM will air an ad during the Super Bowl, but it certainly wouldn’t be surprising.