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New Hyundai Tech Lets Smartphone App Customize EV Performance

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Photo: Hyundai

New technology from Hyundai will allow electric vehicle owners to control performance settings via smartphone.

Using this technology through a smartphone app, drivers will be able to customize an electric vehicle’s ignition, maximum torque, acceleration and deceleration, regenerative braking capacity, responsiveness, and climate control energy use.

Hyundai is able to offer this service because, unlike vehicles with internal-combustion engines, electric vehicle performance can be modified more freely without affecting emissions.

“As Hyundai Motor Group is planning to deploy 44 eco-friendly models by the year 2025, including 23 electric vehicles, we see the potential of technologies and services inherent in non-combustion vehicles,” said JeongSoo Eo, a research fellow with Hyundai Motor Group.  

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Photo: Hyundai

Drivers can also use the app to optimize performance for specific destinations based on how long a trip is and how much energy will be needed. Hyundai also plans to provide recommended settings for a variety of road conditions and geographic areas.

For rentals and car sharing, drivers will be able to create a profile, save their preferences to a server, and transfer them from vehicle to vehicle. And they’ll be able to share custom settings with other drivers.

To ensure security and prevent hacking of drivers’ settings and profile details, Hyundai will use blockchain technology to encrypt sensitive information.

Hyundai hasn’t revealed yet which vehicles will be the first to get this technology, saying only that it will be implemented in future models.

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