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New Mercedes-Benz Logistics Center Completed

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Mercedes-Benz logistics center

Giant warehouse turned into a new Mercedes-Benz logistics center in Vance, Alabama.

Six months ago, the new Mercedes-Benz logistics center was merely a twinkle in the carmaker’s eye. Now, the $70 million, giant warehouse covers more than 900,000 square feet and has been up and running for a little over a week in Vance, Alabama.

The logistics center is expected to receive an average of 3 million automotive parts a day. These parts will be unloaded, shelved, sorted, and prepped for delivery to the various assembly lines in the country.  It is connected to the Mercedes No. 2 production plant by a 650-ft long tunnel, allowing for an ease in communication.

Like any new parents, the carmaker can’t believe how quickly the time between groundbreaking and the center’s opening passed. Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has even stated that the quickness of the logistics center building “shows the ingenuity and hardworking people we have here in Alabama who could do this so quickly.”