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New Toyota Olympic Ad Marks Important Company Transition

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Mobility For All

Toyota has launched a new television commercial called “Mobility For All,” which aired yesterday on NBCSN during the Winter Olympic Trials. It is the first spot from Toyota’s new global campaign “Start Your Impossible” and focuses on the importance of being able to move and what we can achieve when this is possible.

More notably, it crystallizes the company’s very conscious shift from being an automobile company to being a “mobility company.” Though cars are still Toyota’s bread and butter, the Japanese corporation is heavily investing in other forms of technologies and services that can help people get around. This is reflected in the company’s research into artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicle systems, which will not just be used to build self-driving cars but also to build all sorts of machines and systems that can assist the elderly and disabled.

Its new website, also named Mobility For All, exemplifies this: it was designed to be accessible for all users, including those visually impaired, hearing impaired, mobility impaired, and even cognitively impaired.

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“I can’t think of any better stage to announce our evolution as The Human Movement Company than the pinnacle of human movement, The Olympic and Paralympic Games,” said Jack Hollis, group vice president and general manager, Toyota Motor North America. “At Toyota, we believe that movement is a human right. With the ‘Start Your Impossible’ campaign, we aim to inspire people and as a company, aspire to solve challenges and create solutions to mobility barriers that limit human potential.”

As part of the campaign, Toyota will highlight mobility stories of Olympic and Paralympic athletes (as well as other individuals aged 1-100), including Tatyana McFadden, the world’s leading wheelchair racer; Rami Anis, a Syrian swimmer and member of the Refugee Olympic Team at the 2016 games; and Brad Snyder, an American Paralympic swimmer and former captain of the US Naval Academy swim team.

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