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New Vehicle Technology Can be Dangerous in the Car Wash

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New vehicles are equipped with many smart features that were designed to make our lives easier. Like with any technology, however, sometimes these perks can cause more problems than they help alleviate.

According to the International Carwash Association, 38% of the 250 members surveyed claimed they had trouble with forward-collision technology at the car wash; 39% claimed that the car wash triggered their vehicle’s stop/start system to kick on.

In addition, 79% of car wash operators claim that automatic wipers activate and experience damage during the car wash process. 38% of the operators surveyed claimed that the car wash brushes locked up the vehicle’s keyless-entry system.

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forward collision chevy

Chevrolet is just one of the manufacturer’s offering forward collision technology in new models.
Photo: Chevrolet

Exactly what is being done to help reduce these hazards? Some car washes are pursuing the protocol of having car wash employees ride through the car wash with the car owner, to assist them if any new car technology feature deploys during the cleaning process.

Another solution is for car washes to collaborate with automakers to make sure that each guest’s vehicle is properly prepared at the right settings to safely proceed through the car wash. This would require vehicle manufacturers to release copyrighted material from their owner’s manuals onto a web portal medium. Car wash employees could then access this portal to gain information about which autos need special attention when it comes to their technology equipment settings.

Yet another idea is to establish a telematics solution that could automatically detect which model and make is approaching the car wash entrance, then automatically adjust the technology feature settings for optimum safety during the car wash. As the vehicle leaves the car wash, it could then turn the technology features back to their usual modes.

We anticipate more details as both car washes and mainstream manufacturers join forces to increase the safety of modern vehicles. In the meantime, if your ride is rigged with the latest technology amenities like forward collision or a stop/start function, be cautious when using an automated car wash.

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News Source: WardsAuto