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New Zealand Government Goes All In on Audi e-tron

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New Zealand government
Even New Zealand’s PM will soon be driving an e-tron
Photo: Audi

The EV industry is enjoying success around the world, and New Zealand is no exception. The use of environmentally friendly electric vehicles is now set to include not only the public, but the highest authority in the country. Recently, news broke that the New Zealand government would be replacing its standard diesel-powered vehicles with Audi e-trons. Beyond this, there’s now proof that the prime minister herself will be driving in one of these high-tech vehicles.

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The e-tron and the New Zealand government

For many years, the government of New Zealand has been using diesel-powered vehicles as transportation for VIPs. Specifically, heads of state and even the PM have traditionally traveled in classy BMWs. However, it looks like this long-standing tradition is about to take a green turn.

Thanks to a report from Motoring NZ, there is now confirmation that the New Zealand government has ditched BMW in favor of Audi’s e-tron. This move toward a more environmentally conscious mode of transportation will see three new e-trons added to the governmental fleet. Two of these EVs will be used to shuttle high-ranking ministers to and from Wellington Airport and parliament. The third e-tron will be given a particularly special use.

The Motoring NZ report notes that the third e-tron was specifically checked for the suitability of including a child’s car seat. This proved that the vehicle would be heading into the hands of no less an authority than New Zealand’s PM, Jacinda Ardern. The recently re-elected Ardern famously became the first sitting world leader to give birth since way back in 1990. That was two years ago, and Ardern is now the proud mother of a toddler. It seems that the government’s third e-tron will become the official mode of transportation for the PM and her family.

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While Audi is no stranger to use in the New Zealand government, this move marks its highest level of service to date.