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Nissan Assists Drivers Affected by Hurricane Florence

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nissan badgeNo matter how large a hurricane is, it disrupts life all around it. Nissan knows this, and it is offering deferred payment options to current Nissan drivers and special pricing to all who lost their vehicles in Hurricane Florence’s destruction.

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If you or someone you know has a Nissan vehicle in the path of Florence financed by Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation, call (800) 406-5895 and speak to a specialist about deferred payment options. Drivers with electricity and access to the internet can use the chat feature on as well to arrange for help with car payments.

In addition to its help for existing Nissan drivers, NMAC has a plan for you if your car was damaged or totaled by Hurricane Florence in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia or Virginia. It is extending employee pricing to those hit as well as a deferred payment option of up to three months. Besides that significant price cut, any additional vehicle incentives in the area or nationwide can be applied on top of the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program employee price. The automaker knows that it’s hard to get back on your feet without transportation, so it was important to them to help these areas get back to driving.

Local Nissan dealerships will have more information about how you can apply for Claim ID codes, and the special “disaster relief” link at also has more information. You are eligible for one claim code for each vehicle affected by the storm, and codes can be transferred to individuals within a household.

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If you’re planning on taking advantage of deferred payments through NMAC, you need to contact Nissan as soon as possible. On the buying side of things, you have until Oct. 31 to apply for a Claim ID discount code, and the code is valid for 45 days after it’s issued.

Many of us were lucky enough to be safe watching the hurricane on TV. Consider giving back to those hurt by Hurricane Florence by contributing to the American Red Cross through the Calling all TITANs portal.