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Nissan Brings Design Workshop to Indian Students

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Alfonso Albaisa and Nissan Roots of Design Program in IndiaStudents have a lot of weight on their shoulders as they grow up and it’s time to decide what career path to follow. While Nissan relies heavily on engineers and business professionals, it also needs creatives to make products both appealing and functional. Alfonso Albaisa, the head of Nissan Design, wants to make sure students know that the arts, design, and other creative careers are viable career options, so he launched the Roots of Design program. This month, the program moved to Indian schools for the first time.

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Roots of Design kicked off in India at the Chennai Public School in an auditorium filled with Class 11 and 12 students. Alfonso Albaisa himself led a presentation about his career and how he earned his top design spot at Nissan. He went on to explain the history of automotive design, design techniques and language at Nissan, and the future of cars.  The hope is that someone in the industry now would be able to connect with students and explain the choices and skills it takes to be a good designer.

“Designers will play a key role in what the future looks like, not just in the auto industry, but across technology, infrastructure, electronics, consumer durables, etc.,” Albaisa said. “Through Roots of Design, we are opening the doors to the world of design and the numerous opportunities it offers for aspiring students across the globe.”

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Before coming to India, the Roots of Design program landed in Bangkok, Beijing, Singapore, and Dubai. As it continues to spread, perhaps students and future professionals will remember that design is a key component to manufacturing and a dynamic career choice.