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Nissan Canada Earns Fourth Recognition as a Top 100 Ideal Employer

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Nissan Canada earns Top 100 Ideal Employer Award for the fourth time
Photo: Nissan

The Universum Canadium Top 100 Ideal Employer award once again, well, for the fourth time, goes to Nissan Canada Inc.

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The prestigious title is determined by a survey, which evaluates the responses of career preferences by students. This survey is the longest-running and most comprehensive survey of its kind, and this year it included students from 159 universities and colleges. The total respondents clocked in at over 20,000 students who recorded their future career plans and goals.

“Canadian students studying engineering and information technology have ranked Nissan Canada among the top 100 most attractive companies over the last four years,” said Steve Milette, president, Nissan Canada. “We are honoured to accept this award and will continue to promote and enhance a winning culture that is desirable for our current and future employees.”

The survey covered four categories to define employers — people and culture, image and reputation, job characteristics, and remuneration and advancement opportunities — and tasked survey respondents to write which companies fit their ideals, according to these categories as well as what they want a company to be and what they offer to employees.

“The talents of tomorrow are eager to work in a thriving and balanced environment, where they can benefit from the mentorship of inspirational leaders and contribute to a better future. Nissan Canada is proud to be considered for those reasons,” concluded Milette.

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According to the survey, some of the characteristics important to the students are the company’s environment, its products, its level of compensation, if it provides a place to advance careers and if the company presents its employees with challenging work.