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Nissan Canada Inc. is a Certified Great Place to Work

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Nissan Canada Inc. certified as a Great Place to Work®
Nissan Canada Inc. head office employees celebrating the Great Place to Work certification Photo: Nissan

Even though it’s Nissan Canada Inc.’s first time participating in a Great Places to Work Institute survey, the automaker passed with flying colors.

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What it takes to be certified as a Great Place to Work

In order for Nissan Canada Inc. to earn this prestigious title, the company had to undergo some rigorous analysis. The Great Place to Work Institute Canada issued Nissan employees a comprehensive anonymous survey that covered leadership, communication, rewards, company culture, and workplace experiences.

“The foundation of a great workplace lies in a culture of trust and engagement, a sense of confidence and pride that unites management and employees,” explains Steve Milette, the president of Nissan Canada Inc. And based on the results of the Great Places to Work analysis, it seems that Nissan Canada lives up to those lofty aspirations.

Creating a positive work experience

The study revealed that Nissan Canada provides employees with a company culture that emphasizes camaraderie, inclusion, and fairness. That’s because the company listens to feedback from a broad array of perspectives, and empowers its employees to lead their own initiatives and work towards shaping the overall company culture. Plus, Nissan Canada fosters a healthy work-life balance for its employees by offering benefits including virtual offices, summer flex hours, allotted volunteer days, and an on-site fitness center.

In addition to Nissan Canada Inc.’s Great Place to Work certification, the company recently earned the Universum Canadian Top 100 Ideal Employer award. Both designations demonstrate that the automaker offers a high-performance workplace where employees can learn, grow, and have an enjoyable work-life balance.

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Understandably, Nissan is proud of its newly earned certification. “Earning the Great Place to Work® designation is a huge inspiration,” said Milette. “The results serve as a strong driver to continue investing in our employees’ development while fostering a positive workplace culture.”

If you’re interested in joining the Nissan Canada Inc. team, the company employs staff in Vancouver, BC, Mississauga, ON, and Kirkland, QC.