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Nissan Recognized For Commitment to Sustainability

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2015 Nissan LEAF overview

Nissan is making quite a name for itself when it comes to environmental sustainability, and not just because it builds the cutting-edge Nissan LEAF EV. The company is making real progress on goals to reduce emissions from all of its vehicles and make its manufacturing processes and facilities as green as possible. All of this hard work means that, for the third year in a row, the CDP (once known as the Carbon Disclosure Project) has included Nissan on its “A-List” of companies in its annual Climate Change Report.

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Nissan earned this award because of its tireless efforts for the environment, including its disclosure of all environmental information on its impact on the world. The company has a goal to reduce its “well-to-wheel” emissions by 90% from where they were in the year 2000 by 2050, and it’s making good progress in that direction. Charging technology for the Nissan LEAF was developed that allows the vehicle to replenish its batteries in off-peak electricity hours, and Nissan has also partnered with municipalities and companies to help make charging stations more common outside of home, so that an EV driver can be on the road longer.

“At Nissan, we take sustainability very seriously through the vehicles that we produce but also through reducing our carbon footprint throughout our entire business operation,” said Hitoshi Kawaguchi, Nissan senior vice president and Chief Sustainability Officer.  “As a large global company based in Japan, we recognize that our work in this area can have a great impact, so we are committed to leading by example to reduce CO2 emissions even further in the years ahead.”

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With Nissan introducing more hybrid models this year, and making great strides in EV technology, we have no doubts that it will continue to do well on worldwide sustainability rankings.