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Nissan Rolls Away From The Great Titan Meat Up Victorious

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Smokin’ TITAN begins its trip to The Great TITAN Meat UpNissan is known for making some truly unique concept and show cars. Its latest example is the Smokin’ Titan, which removed the bed of the truck to turn it into a meat smoking trailer and add prep stations to make cooking like a pro that much easier. To celebrate the truck, Nissan sent it on a tour of some of the most noteworthy locations in BBQ, which ended with the Great Titan Meat Up in the Great Smoky Mountains, a meat-smoking challenge. The results are in, and Team Nissan drove away from the competition as the big winners, which isn’t suspicious at all.

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Celebrity chefs Cory Bahr and David Rose judged the entries of seven teams in six protein categories (ribs, turkey, lamb, brisket, pork, and chicken). One of the teams, called Team Nissan, was made up of company executives. The Nissan Canton Mississippi Assembly Plant also sent a team to the competition, and the other five teams were made up of members from the automotive media.

All of the teams had 12 hours to cook their meats using Traeger Grills, and after the hard work was done the task of judging begun. The team from was the only team to beat Team Nissan with their Cherry Smoke Leg of Lamb with Alabama White BBQ Sauce in the Lamb category. While all of Team Nissan’s offerings were good enough to win their respective categories, its Chupacabra Chicken with Sanguinista’s Revenge (and its score of 179/190 points) was what ultimately won it The Great Titan Meat Up Champions title.

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“I really can’t believe it,” Team Nissan leader Billy Hayes, division vice president of Nissan Regional Operations, said. “What was amazing is this team had never cooked together before. There’s a lot of logistics that goes into this – we met briefly on Friday night and everybody just came together and executed. It was unbelievable.”

There was no comment from the other teams about how they felt about the Nissan team running away with the win in their own competition. Hopefully there will be a rematch next year, and maybe that time Nissan Canton can take home the prize.