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Nissan to Release Package to Give GT-R NISMO Even Stronger Performance.

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When the GT-R NISMO went around the Nürburgring back in 2013, the car, with its specially-made parts lapped the course in 7:08.679, the fastest time ever recorded for a volume-production vehicle. However, sadly for car buyers, when the GT-R came to market, these parts were absent.

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2016 Nissan GT-R Nismo

Yeeeaaaa- awwwwww

But not for much longer. For the first time, Nissan will showcase the 2016 GT-R NISMO N-Attack Package at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas, beginning on November 3rd. The N-Attack Package will reintroduce the dedicated parts that gave the GT-R its famous hot lap.

Among these parts is a more aerodynamic body kit, a stronger suspension, improved bucket seats (to help deal with higher g-forces), and a new rear wing that is even larger than the one currently on the NISMO.

The only slight problem with releasing the N-Attack Package in North America seems to be who will be installing the parts. In Japan, this is handled at NISMO’s factory in Omori, but Nissan has decided to take it a different direction across the water—it is contracting the work out to Steve Millen Sportsparts (also called “STILLEN”), naming them the “official installer and certified sales agent of the N-Attack Package.”

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News Sources: Nissan, Yahoo