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Nissan Unveils Fun Frontier Concept In Brazil

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Nissan Frontier SentinelThe best part about auto show season is the incredible concept cars that the manufacturers roll out. The Sao Paulo Motor Show is going on now in Brazil, where Nissan has a heavy manufacturing presence. To celebrate the show, it unveiled the Nissan Frontier Sentinel, a concept truck designed by Nissan Brazil.

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Designers created the Nissan Frontier Sentinel to theoretically be a rescue vehicle if it ever went into production. There are several features on the truck to prepare it to conquer the many terrains of South America and help those in need. This includes two Nissan LEAF battery packs to provide extra power at a destination and rugged wheels to help it navigate. The truck also has a snorkel to help it cross deep water without getting flooded.

The small truck’s exterior is a bright shade of blue with luminous yellow accents. The blue color, officially called Thunder Blue, was reportedly inspired by the Brazilian hyacinth macaw that calls eastern and central South America home. Inside the bed of the truck are the two battery packs as well as drawers full of rescue supplies. This includes rope, gloves, rescue belts, radios, helmets, a rescue board, and a hatchet.

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While many concept cars show off flashy, impractical designs, the Nissan Frontier Sentinel looks ready to work. Nissan has had a few of these lately, including a rescue Nissan Titan truck it actually put into service with the American Red Cross. We’ll watch the auto shows closely this year to see if it’s a new Nissan trend.