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Oh Look, Another Special-Edition Toyota 86

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2017 Toyota 86, Australian Limited Edition

The new-generation Toyota 86 is quickly becoming a popular platform for special edition models. Germany, for instance, got the limited-edition “Tiger” Toyota GT86. North America got the rather awkwardly-named Toyota 86 860 Special Edition. And now it seems that Australia is getting a share of the fun with a track-focused 86.

Some of the new toys include Sachs suspension with revised shocks and spring rates to improve cornering grip and stability. The special 86 also gets Brembo brakes for additional stopping power: four-piston calipers with 12.8-inch discs at the front and two-piston calipers with 12.4-inch discs at the rear. You can get a glimpse of these behind the Anthracite-finished 17-inch wheels.

Inside, the cabin gets Alcantara and leather-lined seats with orange stitching, as well as more orange stitching on the gear shifter, steering wheel, handbrake, door trim, and the “86” logo embossed on the dash. All of that orange matches the exterior’s new Solar Orange exterior paint.

But wait a minute—isn’t that basically the same car as the Toyota 86 Solar Orange Limited Edition already available in Japan? Yep, seems like it. Unfortunately it’s still not offered in the United States, which is a bummer, but you should be able to get all the same performance upgrades—and more—in the aftermarket.

Or, if you don’t mind the name, just buy the Toyota 86 860 Special Edition. And if you do mind the name, and don’t care about having a Toyota badge and support, there’s always the Subaru BRZ, whose performance package basically includes all of the above features barring the orange stuff.

Source: Toyota Australia