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Oregon Made It Through Its First Month of Self-Serve Gas

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As 2018 dawned early this month, a crisis began in the Pacific Northwest. Okay, not the whole region, just Oregon. See, along with New Jersey, Oregon is a state that didn’t let drivers pump their own gas. All of that changed this year, with lawmakers saying that some residents, specifically those that lived in counties with less than 40,000 residents, could pump their own gas whenever they please because of a limited gas station workforce and high driver demand. Oregonians living in more populous counties could pump their own gas after business hours, or from 6pm and 6am.

Oregon flipped out.

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All over the internet, from comment sections on news stories to social media, residents raged against the idea that they would pump their own gas as the rest of the nation (except New Jersey) laughed. Some of the most popular complaints mentioned that it was too cold outside to pump your own gas, it was a service for qualified professionals, and drivers pumping gas could be attacked by “transients”.

Oregon had originally outlawed drivers from pumping their own gas to limit their contact with gas fumes and to prevent fires at stations.* We’re now in the last day of January, and according to our search of social media and Google News there have been no fires caused by clueless Oregonians pumping their own gas.  We’ll keep an eye on the situation moving forward, but for now we would like to congratulate the state on their accomplishment. You made it through your first month! We wish you all the best on your future refueling efforts.

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*Author note: We’re not even going to ask why Oregon thinks it is okay for low-wage gas station attendants to be around fumes all the time but not the people who can afford cars.

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