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#VanLife Crew Wants Chevy to Bring Back the Astro

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2000 Chevy Astro
Photo: Jim Agema

Do you remember the Chevy Astro? Don’t worry — it’s not at the forefront of my memory, either. But members of the #vanlife community would love to see the big blocky beast get a new lease on life.

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Astro-nomically dedicated van fans

The folks at have harnessed the power of retro-inspired vaporwave aesthetics to sell the idea of a rebooted Astro. Check it out below:

Admittedly, the video does bring up some neat points. The van offers an available roof console along with modular seating for up to eight people. It’s roomy enough to serve as a camper for an outdoorsy getaway, and with four-wheel drive, it’s capable enough to traverse the desert landscape.

In addition to the website and video, Astro fans have set up a petition. At the time of this writing, 719 people have signed their name. If you’d like the Astro to ride again, consider backing the petition.

History of the Chevy Astro                                 

1988 Chevy Astro Van

The Chevy Astro made its debut back in 1985, and over the course of its two-decade lifespan, it sold over 3 million units. The last Astro was supposed to roll off the assembly line in 2002, but thanks to strong sales, the van survived until 2005.

Throughout its production, it boasted a front engine with rear-wheel drive, and also offered all-wheel drive. This van was a surprisingly capable workhorse, boasting the ability to tow up to 5,500 pounds. Plus, it sported a decidedly retro plastic interior. Whether that’s hokey or aesthetic is entirely dependent on your taste. But hey, the retro look is in!

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Only time will tell if Chevy ever decides to bring back the Astro. If you’re looking for a similar used model, check out the GMC Safari, which is essentially the Astro’s twin. Nowadays, our closest modern equivalent is the Chevy Express van, which can seat 12 or 15 passengers, depending on the model.