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Report: Lincoln FINALLY Considering Going Back to Actual Names

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Lincoln Continental Concept

The Lincoln Continental Concept: a taste of things to come?

Lincoln has been doing a lot to change its perception among luxury customers, but there’s always been one thing that’s held it back from being associated with the brand so many fell in love with half-a-century-or-more ago: nomenclature.

Lincoln has fallen into the luxury industry pattern of ditching revered names like Continental, Town Car, and Zephyr in favor of a mish-mash of letters that symbolize…who knows…luxury? Granted, the MK_ nomenclature at least pays homage to Lincoln’s Mark Series, but it begs the question: why not just go back to the way things were?

Then came the Lincoln Continental Concept, which seemed to portend a possible return to production for the much-beloved luxury sedan while indicating that maybe Neil Young was on to something. It certainly got a lot of people (not including Bentley’s design team) excited. Among those who took notice: Ford Motor Company President of the Americas Joe Hinrichs.

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“Without divulging the future,” Hinrichs told Automotive News, “we’re very excited about the Continental name and the attention it’s gotten.”

Oh boy, does that ever sound promising.

“I get it,” Hinrichs said. “I know MKX and C and Z and T. I’ve studied them very well. I know them well, but we also understand the issue. It’s, frankly, where the auto industry—the premium industry—has gone, if you look at all the nameplates. But another way Lincoln could distinguish itself is to leverage its heritage. So I’ll leave it at that.”

Why it’s taken Lincoln this long to understand that it is extremely advantageous to crank out products with familiar names while its competitors offer up alphabet soup, we’ll never understand. Still, as long as the understanding is in place, there’s hope for the future. (Particularly, hope for a return of the Lincoln Blackwood!)

Also, major kudos must be issued to AutoNews’ Nick Bunkley, who slyly refers to Ford’s CEO—and the man who may ultimately turn Lincoln around—as “MK Fields.”


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News Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)