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Road Trip Games for Grown-ups

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Road trip entertainment is not just a priority for kids. Adults, too, need some help whittling away the hours on a road trip. Here are a few road trip games designed to entertain adults.

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For movie buffs

Summarizing your favorite movies can be a creative way to pass the time. But, instead of replaying the plot summary, the purpose of this road trip game is to explain the plot as terribly as you can. You have to stick to the facts, though. You can find inspiration by searching the hashtag #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly on Twitter, according to Real Simple writer Samantha Leal. The rules of the game are simple: one person explains the plot of the movie and another person offers a guess. If they get it right, they earn a point, but if they fail, the point goes to you.

For music lovers

The Name the Song game will challenge your musical knowledge and keep the good times rolling.

“To play Name the Song, one passenger has to simply say a song lyric aloud while the others have to try and guess what song it is,” according to writer Taylor Murphy. “In another version of the game, one passenger can play just a snippet of a song — and the rest of the group is left to figure out what song it is, and which artist sings it.”

For a dose a nostalgia

If Mad Libs was a mainstay during your family road trips as a child, you will appreciate the nostalgic feel you will get when you bust it out during your grown-up road trip, suggests Leal. You do not need the old-school pad and paper, unless you want to put pen to paper as you did back in the day. Adult Mad Libs is an app, and it will help keep you and your passengers in stitches as you reveal your one-of-kind stories.

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