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Rolling Stones-Autographed Jeep Renegade Is Being Auctioned Off for Charity

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Rolling Stones-Autographed Jeep Renegade

The Rolling Stones in front of a signed Jeep Renegade

You read that correctly: a Rolling-Stones autographed Jeep Renegade is currently on the digital auction block at Charity Buzz, with proceeds benefiting worthy nonprofits across the planet. The Renegade has been signed by the whole crew: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and those other guys (Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts).

But why The Rolling Stones? Will anybody care? Apparently, yes. Even in their old age, the band (which has proved that rolling stones indeed can and do gather moss, despite the saying) is still alive and well with throngs of fans cheering on their wrinkly idols, who have likely given up the hard drugs in exchange for buttloads of Preparation H.

And why the Jeep Renegade? Because the Renegade is Jeep’s big release for 2015. The all-new model has caught on with Jeep loyalists exceptionally well, and the brand has done a good job of marketing it to new audiences. In an attempt to reach these new audiences, Jeep sponsored The Rolling Stones’ “’14 on Fire” tour in Europe this past summer, from May 26th through July 2nd. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has a habit of sponsoring old, washed-up bands (cough cough Mötley Crüe cough cough), but the tactic seems to be working well for the automaker.

During the tour, Jeep had the band sign the Renegade while in Rome, in front of the Circus Maximus on June 22nd.

That very same Rolling Stones-autographed Jeep Renegade is up for grabs through December 23rd. Place your bid on the Renegade over at Charity Buzz today.

And you can check out actual video footage of The Rolling Stones signing the Renegade below, because why not?