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Rumors: BMW 3 Series Will Focus on Performance, Dynamics

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June BMW sales

Bar-none, the BMW 3 Series is one of the most sought-after and widely beloved vehicles on the market today. Naturally, when the time comes for engineers and designers to consider the next-generation model, they are faced with the formidable task of not only living up to the previous model’s greatness, but surpassing it. If a recent batch of rumors is a strong enough indication, BMW may very well be on the way to doing just that.

According to Automobile Magazine, the next BMW 3 Series is going by the code handle G20 and is expected to arrive by 2018. It’s said that the new 3 Series will focus on performance dynamics, with features such as adjustable suspension dampers, switchable anti-roll bars, and a torque-vectoring system providing a sportier, smoother ride. It’s also anticipated that the 3 Series will have better brakes, aluminum and carbon fiber compound wheels, longer wheelbase, wider track, and lighter curb weight, all of which should serve to make it sprightlier.

While it’s reasonable enough to be skeptical of Automobile (they very recently perpetrated a false rumor about a Ford EV that was quickly debunked), a concurrent report from Digital Trends seems to substantiate quite a bit of it with but one significant difference: they seem to be under the impression that the new 3 Series will arrive in time for 2016.

Time will tell, but in either case, it’s a safe bet that whatever BMW has up its sleeve with the next-gen 3 Series will be true to the name.

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