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Saudi Groom Leaves Wedding Over Driver’s License

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Saudi Arabian Flag

Saudi Arabian Flag
Image: yasser zareaa

We have been covering Saudi Arabia’s recent proclamation about lifting the ban on women drivers next year a lot here at The News Wheel, but in our defense, it is a pretty big deal. Now that the news has had time to settle in, we’re starting to see the news filter down from the massive national news story it is to personal stories of how the decision will impact individuals. One woman in Saudi Arabia might have dodged a bullet thanks to her father’s simple question to her fiancé.

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According to the Khaleej Times, a bride’s father took the groom aside on the wedding day to request that when the driving ban is lifted in June of 2018 she be allowed to get her license. The groom had a rather explosive reaction, as he stormed out of the wedding venue and refused to negotiate any further with his possible future father-in-law, even at the appeal of his family. The news site goes on to point out that the groom had already been promised a dowry of 40,000 riyals, or about $10,666, and he had already agreed to let his future wife continue to work after the wedding.

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While we know the bride must be devastated, especially in a country where so much of her worth depends on her getting married, we have to think that her father was acting in her best interest. Considering that her groom had already agreed to let her keep working, it’s surprising that he would react so strongly to her getting a driver’s license in a few months. We hope that the poor woman finds happiness and, in eight months, a license that frees her to move about the country.

News Source: Khaleej Times