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Serena Williams Speaks Out in Lincoln Listens First

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Lincoln Listens First promo shot with Serena Williams
Serena Williams takes part in the Lincoln Listens First series
Photo: Lincoln

Black History Month may be over, but there’s no wrong time to celebrate Black history and Black excellence. Lincoln Motor Company celebrated both last month with a series of videos hosted by attorney, political analyst, and “empowermenteur” Angela Rye. Rye spoke with Marsha Ambrosius, Ne-Yo, and all-time tennis great and Lincoln brand ambassador Serena Williams as part of Lincoln Listens First.

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Williams once again lends her face to a Lincoln initiative, having taken part in the HeyMama summit with CEO Joy Falotico in November and featuring in commercials for the Lincoln Navigator. In Lincoln Listen First, Williams and Rye talk about broad concepts like finding a safe space in the storm of the past year — tying in the Lincoln idea of sanctuary.

The conversation shifts to Williams’ experience in childbirth and how institutional racism impacted her pregnancy and her health. Speaking to Black women and women of color who are preparing to give birth, Williams says that being an advocate for yourself with your doctor is crucial: “Just say up front how you feel, and every visit, reiterate it so that they get it in their heads.”

Rye says that Lincoln created the Lincoln Listens First series to promote the value of listening to others. Williams says that being a good listener involves knowing when to be quiet and that people learn more when they listen than they do when they speak.

The Lincoln Listens First series also includes conversations with Ne-Yo and Marsha Ambrosius, both singers and songwriters. You can check out the conversation with Rye and Williams below.

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Lincoln Listens First with Angela Rye and Serena Williams