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Start Saving Now: Lifelike Lego MINI Cooper Coming in August

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Lego MINI Cooper

Lego MINI Cooper: The Finished Product

Any Lego fans out there? Here at The News Wheel, we were all huge Lego fans when we were kids (okay, and we still are), so imagine our glee when we learned the latest news hot from the Lego printing press. The iconic toymaker will produce a Lego MINI Cooper set, scheduled to be available starting August 1st, that ought to keep us happy for some time. [ Click to view our Lego MINI Cooper gallery ]

The Lego MINI Cooper set will comprise 1,077 total pieces. The finished product will measure nine inches long, five inches wide, and four inches tall. As you might imagine, the Lego MINI Cooper will be the spitting image of its namesake–a classic British Racing Green body complete with white roof, mirror caps, and racing stripe. Your favorite Lego man can enjoy the ride of his (or her) life with ease, thanks to the Lego MINI Cooper’s fully-functioning doors. And if your engine (a tiny simulated engine at that) gives you trouble, your Lego mechanic should be able to diagnose the problem by opening the hood and checking out the goods.

Gallery: Lego MINI Cooper

For weekend trips to Legoland, your Lego family can even store their luggage in the Lego MINI Cooper’s opening trunk. Alternatively, if you just want to send your Lego people on a nice day out, they can enjoy a tasty meal en-route thanks to the picnic set handily stored in the trunk. And if they get a flat tire on the way, they can switch it out with the Lego MINI Cooper’s spare tire, located under the trunk floor.

Of course, at $99.99, this might be a little pricey to buy as a gift for a child. But for the young at heart, building the Lego MINI Cooper should prove to be a fun task. Plus, once it’s complete, you can proudly display the finished product on your desk.

We will definitely be rushing out to add this to our growing collection of geeky memorabilia as soon as it appears in stores. How about you?