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Subaru Announces July 2020 Sales

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The Subaru Forester, July, 2020's best-selling model
Photo: Subaru

As expected, the auto industry is still reeling from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, Subaru is no different, reporting a 20 percent year-over-year sales decrease in July 2020. Even so, its figures show positive momentum and overall performance is encouraging.

Meet the best-selling model of the month: The Subaru Forester

2020’s hard truth

After 11 uninterrupted years of sales increases, Subaru’s 20 percent drop from last year’s record month is a hard pill to swallow. Similarly, its year-to-date sales for 2020 mark a 21 percent fall from the same time in 2019. Much — if not all — of this tumult can be attributed to the numerous ways that the novel coronavirus has impacted everything from prospective buyers’ financial situations to the automaker’s supply chains and production capabilities.

However, considering the current circumstances, Subaru is performing exceptionally well.

July’s uplifting reality

Despite the industry’s — and the world’s — collective struggle against the health crisis, Subaru continues to prove why it’s consistently ranked as one of the most reliable and desirable car brands. To start, its 20 percent year-over-year drop still resulted in an impressive 51,458 vehicle sales. Next, year-to-date sales are already at 318,572 — which is impressive considering many dealerships across the country were closed for in-person appointments for several months.

Finally, Subaru — like many other automakers — had to pause or slow its production of in-demand models, ultimately reducing the number of units available to buyers across the U.S.

In a comment on the month’s sales, President and CEO of Subaru of America, Thomas J. Doll said, “Given our low supply of key models such as Forester, Outback, Crosstrek and Ascent, overall, we were extremely pleased with our sales results which were delivered by our retailers, who are also persevering through the COVID-19 pandemic.”

His colleague Jeff Walters, Senior Vice President of Sales for Subaru, stated, “We are pleased with the results and the stellar efforts of our retailers given the inventory available for July. Our manufacturing facilities are now fully ramped up and the delivery of Subaru vehicles to our retailers will significantly improve in August so we can better support the demand from our customers.”

Here’s hoping that August marks the beginning of another decade-long streak of record sales for a company that has supported communities through one of the most difficult times in recent history.

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