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Subaru Just Broke a Guinness World Record

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A glimpse of the record turnout at "Subiefest" 2020.
Subiefest 2020
Photo: Subaru

Subaru is no stranger to breaking its own sales records, but now it’s familiar with besting global ones as well. On Oct. 7, the automaker broke the Guinness Book of World Records… well, record, for the “largest parade of Subaru cars.”

The backstory

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At the beginning of October, Subaru’s official media center announced that the company would attempt to set a new record for “the largest parade of same-make vehicles.” The event would be held in California on Oct. 7 and organized by Subaru Tecnica International Subiefest. The most immediate goal was to give “owners an opportunity to do something fun, in their Subaru, with the brand they love,” according to Subaru of America’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Alan Bethke. The next objective was to top the previous record of 549 vehicles, established in 2015.

The details

When the event started, it wasn’t 550 vehicles that showed up; it was 1,751. In general terms, that amounts to shattering the record by more than 300 percent. Apparently, the line of cars stretched more than 2 miles. For some reason, though, the title applied to the award wasn’t “largest parade of same-make vehicles,” as previously reported. Instead, the event earned the distinction of “largest parade of Subaru cars.” While still a remarkable achievement, the naming of the award seems unnecessarily specific.

The purpose

As anyone familiar with Subaru’s penchant for altruism would assume, the event wasn’t all about self-aggrandization. In fact, the proceeds — all of which came from voluntary donations rather than ticket sales — went towards donating 500,000 meals to Feeding America, a nonprofit organization that provides more than 36 million people across the nation with food. Characteristically humble, Alan Bethke said of the contribution, “In these trying times we all search for stability in our daily lives. We hope that through this donation to Feeding America, we can provide the comfort and stability of a meal for people who struggle with hunger in America. We must all stay safe but remember to help others where we can.”

Once again, Subaru has proved that its role is to be more than a company. Now more than ever, its humanistic and seemingly genuine approach towards the industry is a welcome breath of fresh air.

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