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The Best Hiding Spot for Presents Is in Your Car

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Hiding spots for presents in a Buick Enclave

Photo: GM

Buick started this holiday season by collaborating with The Harris Poll to ask 1,000 parents how they could use their vehicles during the holidays. The results suggest the best hiding spot for presents is inside your vehicle.

Finding an effective gift-hiding place is difficult, as kids have a keen nose for sniffing out all the covert spots within the house. Drawers and cabinets aren’t safe in the normal holiday bustle or daily routine. Larger, out of the way areas like attics and garages are the first places that people look, and the search for holiday decorations can lead to those spots.

A majority of parents in Buick’s poll admitted that gifts from past years were ruined because a family member stumbled upon their presents early. An overwhelming 82 percent reported that they move their hiding spots to a different location each year, and 79 percent think that stowing gifts out of sight in vehicles is a great idea.

Why hide presents in your vehicle?

Parents can stow several boxes via the underfloor cargo space, with smaller gifts hidden in the center console or lockable glove box. With a vehicle, gift-hiders have more control over who has access compared to a house. Children aren’t likely to roam freely inside the car and uncover presents in the trunk.

The only catch is that 60 percent of parents in Buick’s poll said they don’t have enough space in their vehicles for all these presents; otherwise, they would have tried it long ago. Limited cargo space can cut short a holiday shopping trip or add extra stress to the hectic season, as 25 percent of the parents borrowed someone else’s vehicle because there wasn’t enough room for presents in their own. An additional 23 percent said they had to pay for shipping because they didn’t have space.

This time of year, a spacious vehicle like the Buick 2019 Enclave has the advantage, especially since the Enclave has nearly four cubic feet of concealed storage space and a hands-free liftgate to access the cargo area.

Online shopping is becoming increasingly widespread. In the poll, 72 percent of parents who shop online for gifts admitted they sometimes plan their whole days around package deliveries to keep them a secret. In light of that, many newer Buick models are eligible for the Amazon’s Key In-Car Delivery service, which allows you to have a gift delivered to your vehicle when it’s parked in an accessible area. No more exposed boxes on the front porch!

Let’s hope the kids won’t catch on to your new gift-hiding spot for a couple more years.