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The Datsun Baby Was a Real Car for Kids

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Datsun Baby

In 1965, children’s park Kodomo no Kuni opened near Tokyo. Nissan donated 100 tiny cars to the park to commemorate the occasion. That car was the Datsun Baby, and Nissan has restored one of them and placed it on display at its global headquarters in Yokohama.

The park actually had an automobile driving course for kids, part of its larger purpose of educating and molding the next generation of children.

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Datsun Baby

The car was based on the Cony Guppy with a four-wheel independent suspension system, automatic transmission, real headlamps, a self-turning feature, and an 18.6-mph speed limiter.

We think it’s a shame that Nissan didn’t restore two or more of these, because things with wheels should be raced no matter how fast they are. Just deactivate the speed limiter and let us tinker with the engines a little. If Nissan left in the 200cc engine from the Guppy, it could probably go fairly quickly.

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Take a trip to Nissan’s HQ in Yokohama to see the vehicle and its photo exhibit until April 28th, when it will go on tour for various events, including the 50th anniversary celebration at Kodomo no Kuni.