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The Toyota Effect Film Series Premieres at New York Film Festival Convergence

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You probably don’t associate Toyota with film festivals, but the automaker debuted a short film series called The Toyota Effect at the New York Film Festival (NYFF) Convergence yesterday to much acclaim.

The series consisted of three short films: Saving Sight (directed by Kief Davidson), Coming Home (directed by Ross Kauffman), and 116 Innovators (directed by Steve James). Together, the series aims to show how Toyota has shared its Toyota Production System with various organizations in order to help them become more organized and streamlined. The system has been used by multiple nonprofits to help make the day-to-day running more efficient, thereby allowing them to help more people in need.

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The Toyota Effect: Saving Sight

In Saving Sight, Kief Davidson shows how the staff at Harbor-UCLA Hospital uses the Toyota Production System to provide timely care to those most underserved by the medical profession. The film takes place through the eyes of diabetic patient Lisbeth, who is hoping that surgery will help prevent her from losing her sight altogether.



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The Toyota Effect: 116 Innovators

116 Innovators follows the story of Chicago-based ACE Metal Crafts. The manufacturing company is able to be more competitive thanks to its collaboration with Toyota, whose production system allows ACE Metal Crafts to continue to grow even while many organizations are shipping jobs overseas.



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The Toyota Effect: Coming Home

The third film, Coming Home, shows the story of the St Bernard Project’s work with Toyota, which has allowed the organization to halve the time it takes them to rebuild houses in areas devastated by natural disasters, such as New Orleans; Joplin, Missouri; San Marcos, Texas; Monmouth County, New Jersey; and Rockaway, New York.